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  • Saturday 13 July 2013

    Paolo’s Home Opens Day-Care for Children Living with Disability

    The day-care project will care for disabled children in Kibera slums to start with, as further plans for expansion will see them venture into other regions.
  • Thursday 4 July 2013

    Kivuli Boys Join other Children to Mark the International Day of the African Child

    June 15th 2013: More than 50 Children institution gathered at East Leigh High school Nairobi County to Mark the Day of the African Child. Themed, Eliminating social and cultural practices affecting children, Creative, well rehearsed performances staged by Kivuli boys enthralled attendees at the 2013 celebrations.
  • Tuesday 2 July 2013

    GtoG: Women Empowerment for Breaking the Poverty Cycles

    The aim of this video is to support the path of empowerment for a considerable number of vulnerable women and girls living in poverty-stricken areas of Nairobi, enhancing their capacity both to manage their own successful social businesses independently and to integrate themselves in the community, contributing in breaking the poverty cycles.
  • Tuesday 2 July 2013

    Citizens of the World

    This Video, done at Kivuli Centre, focuses on the Rwandan refugees making their living there after they left their country in search for peace, 19 years after the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. It aims at convincing the world that despite our different cultures, religions and geographical settlements, we all belong to each other.
  • Monday 17 June 2013

    SYDI: Youth Use Sport to Curb the Drug Menace

    The league brought together 38 wrestlers from four teams within Nairobi to engage in a freestyle Africa wrestling aiming at getting the best from the teams.
  • Tuesday 5 March 2013

    Kivuli: Kenyans Vote in Historic Polls

    With a new constitution in effect since 2010, Kenyans are for the first time voting for new elected positions including senators, governors and women’s representatives
  • Thursday 28 February 2013

    Ngong Diocese Bishop Tours Domus Mariae, Celebrates Eucharist

    The event was put together by the entire school staff and students that saw all those present and the invited guests converge at the school’s main hall for celebration of Holy Mass, conducted in honour of the school by the Bishop.
  • Koinonia Children Appeal for Peace Ahead of Elections
    Tuesday 29 January 2013

    Koinonia Children Appeal for Peace Ahead of Elections

    The main objective of this peace initiative was to mobilize children and young people who mostly have been victims of the violence, to voice the need for peace as the country prepares for next elections due in one month.
  • Friday 25 January 2013

    Disability is not Inability: Samson Waweru’s Story of Resilience and Determination

    His eyes condition worsened when he was 5, forcing him to abandon studies for some time while seeking medication. The condition could not, however, be reversed and he went totally blind. Her mother could not afford taking him to Special school there after due to financial constrains.
  • Wednesday 9 January 2013

    Koinonia Initiates Circus Project

    On November 26 in the Tone la Maji (Nairobi) started a workshop of Social Circus for the children and adolescents of Koinonia Homes: Tone La Maji, Kivuli, Anita's Home and Ndugu Mdogo. It lasted until December 20. The workshop was conducted by members of the Italian Foundation "Uniti per Crescere Insieme" (UCI). The Tone la Maji Circus Project will have two session per year until December 2014, during the school holidays.
    This program continues the Koinonia tradition of using the arts of circus for rehabilitation and education of the youth.
  • Saturday 22 December 2012

    Koinonia Newsletter 2012

    A summary of 2012 Koinonia Activities.
    22 December 2012
  • Tuesday 18 December 2012

    KOBWA Organizes Forum for Former Beneficiaries of CCIs

    On December 8 2012 more than 200 young men and ladies, who had some experience of street life and were rescued from it by charitable children institutions in Nairobi (CCIs), gathered for their first ever conference.
  • Tuesday 18 December 2012

    Peace and Solidarity Award for Father Kizito

    Father Renato Sesana, known to everybody in Kenya as Father Kizito, has received a prestigious award assigned every year in December by the Lombardy Region in Italy for “Peace and Solidarity”.
  • Monday 17 December 2012

    Press review: When beasts eye boys

    Manning up for all the wrong reasons: When child sexual abuse is reported, the victim is almost always a girl. But, as a recent study found out, more and more boys are suffering in silence
  • Tuesday 17 December 2012

    Press Review: Preconditions for child sexual abuse

    One of the most widely discussed theories of child sexual abuse is David Finkelhor’s Four Preconditions Model of Child Sexual Abuse.
    David Finkelhor is an American Professor of Sociology and Director of Crimes Against Children Research Centre. He claims that sexual abuse results from a perpetrator sequentially overcoming each of four obstacles to the sexually abusive act.
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