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Tuesday 18 December 2012

KOBWA Organizes Forum for Former Beneficiaries of CCIs

On December 8 2012 more than 200 young men and ladies, who had some experience of street life and were rescued from it by charitable children institutions in Nairobi (CCIs), gathered for their first ever conference.

Dubbed kongamano la vijana kwa base (Swahili for Forum of Youth of the Base, base having the meaning of the meeting place in the streets), the conference was held at Shalom House all day long. It brought together beneficiaries from over 10 CCIs to participate in a deliberation forum to give feedback to the CCIs on the services they offer.

Kongamano la vijana kwa Base is an initiative of Koinonia Old Beneficiaries Welfare Association (KOBWA) attended by other very important organizations like KESCA, Consolation Africa, Thomas Bernardo's Home and Rescue Dada. It was the culmination of a process that started in August 2012 .

The former beneficiaries had an opportunity to share their life experiences, perspectives and a chance to propose the way forward on how to improve the process of rescue and reintegration.

Check the Video below...

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