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Radio News


· Script writing for both News and features
· Interview techniques
· Sourcing News
· Programme Scripting and Production
· Packaging News from 2 minutes Headline to 24 hour News
· Editing News
· Enhancing contacts

Radio News Theory

· Sources and News gathering, diary news, spot news
· News writing and reporting for radio
· Writing for Radio
· Sound recording

Community Media

· The rise of community Media
· Rural Radio stations
· Defining Community Media
· Radio listener ship and Production
· Funding sustaining operations
· Editorial Independence
· Community Needs
· Infrastructure
· Training and capacity Building

Studio Operations

· Radio Studio layout
· Studio acoustics
· Lighting Equipment
· Control room
· Electronic editing Equipment
· Program pre production, production and post production
· Live coverage of events on location
· Sound recording techniques
· Principles of recording
· Using sound recorders
· Before the interview
· Field assignments
· Tape recorders/cassettes
· Sound effect, editing, voicing programmes formats.

Social Communication

· Specialized journalism
· in Religion, health, environment, business, civic education
· Functions of the church in peace building

Media Law and Ethics

· Case studies
· Legal issues
· Ethical issues
Professional points of view

. Libel law
. Trespass/Privacy
. Defamation of character
. Copyright
. Piracy
. Plagiarism
. Sedition
. Fair Comment
. Objectivity
. Community Rights
. Freedom of the Media and protection of individual’s rights

Media Management

. Trends in mass communication institutions
. Managerial Communication Practices and skills
. Media house Management structures and Procedures policies and goals of
news operation within broadcast Media
. Organizational and financing of media House services
. Criticisms and evaluation of media services
. Networks and organizational Communication techniques
. News Making and the industry, business models, technology, relationship with program consumers and the impact of the increasing complexity and competition.

ICT and Journalism

· Basic Computer applications
· Internet as a source of news programmes ideas
· Media Convergence, blog journalism, web casting and related ethical
· E- Newsletter
· Email
· Uploading text
· Role of ICTs in future

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