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Friends of Waumini

The idea of Friends of Radio Waumini was brought fourth when need arose to expand coverage to other parts of the country owing to public demand. Considering the fact that Radio Waumini is a non-profit making organization, there was need to call upon willing members of the society to financially assist us (Radio Waumini) grow together through membership to the ‘Friends of Waumini Club.’

Membership is open to individuals, families, groups, organizations and institutions who are willing to exercise their social responsibility in supporting Radio Waumini in its ministry, and in return they will have numerous benefits.

There are three different categories of membership namely;
-- Individual
-- Family
-- Institution.

To join the individual membership one is required to pay an amount of 500Ksh, for the family membership an amount of 1,000Ksh is required, and an amount of 3,000Ksh for the institution membership. These contributions will be made every month for the entire year.

Once you become a member you will be provided with a membership card. This card will enable you to have one free radio classified announcement on Radio Waumini every month which would otherwise be charged for. The card will also enable you to get a discount from certain shops and bookshops. With the membership card, you will get complimentary copies of CD’s and other items recorded in our studios.

By becoming a friend of Radio Waumini, you will share in the joy of growing with our radio and supporting the radio ministry.

Friends of radio waumini

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