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HOW we work

HOW we work

HOW we work

Koinonia Community Kenya concentrates its efforts towards the most vulnerable groups of the society, focalizing on children, women and youth coming from poor background. The holistic approach adopted by the Community represents the key of its achievements. Koinonia follows a child from the time he/she is rescued from the street till the university graduation, or till the time in which he/she has learnt a job and becomes independent. Koinonia allows children and youths to acquire skills, competences and knowledge as well as gives them an opportunity to positively shape their future, becoming active members of the society.

With regards to the Children’s Homes, the Community not only provide the children with shelter, education and care but also strongly supports the Family Reintegration Process that reunifies the children hosted in the koinonia Children’s Homes to the parents/extended families. This process allows the Homes to expand their support to new street children, improving, at the same time, their positive impact on the entire Kenyan society.

Koinonia Community maintains continuity not only with regards to the support related to single beneficiaries but also among the many initiatives its establishes. Some of the initiatives represent a continuation of previous paths that allow the individuals to keep on growing and developing their professional attitudes. For instance, Girls together Girls initiative represents an alternative for the former street girls of Anita’s Home. This Fashion House allow the girls, who have been hosted by the Home, to acquire tailoring competences, become part of an innovative initiative and get a job close to their passions.

With the aim of supporting the beneficiaries in becoming independent, koinonia sustains the creation of many initiatives related to sport, fashion, safeguard of the environment and art in order to give the beneficiaries the opportunity to be free – standing and competent in a field in which they are interested. All the Koinonia interventions are oriented towards the autonomy of the beneficiaries.

One of the main objectives of Koinonia is to push the persons with whom its works with to become active community members. Starting from a situation of need, the beneficiaries are supported in becoming both responsible citizens, completely aware on their Rights, and active agent of positive social changes. Youths and children are involved as main actors in all the Koinonia initiatives that allow them to actively participate in the community life. Click here to read more

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