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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission, Vision and Core Values


To counteract the economic and social evils bred by individualism and abject poverty in order to propel the development of an equal and fair society in which citizens, marginalized groups and vulnerable children can enjoy their Human Rights



To defend, promote and guarantee the respect of the Human Rights of the most marginalized groups of the society and support community building through projects and activities that are always meant to bring people together, for the emergence of a fraternal life-style.



  • To believe that all the persons, children, women, youth and marginalized individuals have equal dignity and must completely enjoy the Human Rights universally recognized
  • To assure the Right of education, shelter and care to all the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • To guarantee the Right of a family to all the children and, in this perspective, strongly support the Family Reintegration Process
  • To support the personal and professional path of youths, women and marginalized groups in order to allow them to shape their future in the best possible way
  • To propel a positive dialogue for Peace among all the different ethnic groups and, at the same time, to support the spread of information in behalf of Peace, Non-violence and Tolerance
  • To support a positive collaboration among the partners, satellite organizations and external groups in order to foster their networks and strengthen their capability to positive impact on the society


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