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  • Wajubu Vol. 20 - No. 4 - December 2005

    Contents / Editorial

    18 July 2006
  • The Struggle Against Hiv/Aids

    The Congregational Model Approach of the
    Inter-Religious Council of Kenya
    18 July 2006
  • Partnerships in Hiv/Aids Care and Education

    If there is one thing that we have learned after living more than
    twenty years with the reality of HIV/AIDS, it is that all of society must be involved in mitigating the effects of the disease. This lesson is starting to be put into effect in quite a few countries in Africa.
    18 July 2006
  • Hiv/Aids in Kenya

    The Need for Prevention
    Through Cultural Education
    18 July 2006 - Karega-Munene
  • Women and Hiv/Aids The Role of Faith Communities

    There are few women in Kenya who have been more involved
    in the struggle against HIV/AIDS as Professor Ngugi. She is the founder and Co-Director of the Strengthening STD/HIV/AIDS Control Project and is also a Founder and Director of the International Women’s AIDS Run.
    18 July 2006 - Professor Elizabeth Ngugi
  • Using Theatre to Involve the Public in Aids Education

    Drama and theatre arts, activities that are popularized during the annual Kenya Schools and Drama Festivals, are starting to make a national impact, not just in the usual arena of entertainment but in health awareness.
    18 July 2006 - Edith Shikumo
  • Some Facts and Statistical Data On Hiv/Aids1

    18 July 2006
  • Further Reading on Hiv/Aids

    18 July 2006
  • A 90-Year-Old’s Struggle for Deaf Education

    Making A Difference

    Scores of deaf children in western Kenya are often
    punished many times over for their inability to hear, a condition they had no part in choosing.
    18 July 2006 - Cathy Majtenyi
  • Book Review

    Social and religious concerns of East Africa: a
    Wajibu anthology. Edited by Gerald G. Wanjohi & G. Wakuraya Wanjohi. Nairobi: Wajibu: a Journal of Social and Religious Concern; Washington, DC: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2005. xv, 396 p. Available in all leading bookshops.
    18 July 2006 - Ciarunji Chesaina

    18 July 2006
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