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December 2003


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  • Action and Contacts

    Rights group comes to the rescue of widows

    Moved by the rampant disinheritance of widows, a Lagos-based NGO has begun a programme to empower them economically.
    Toye Olori
  • Editorial

  • South Africa

    Government moves to stamp out sexual abuse

    The increase in the number of rape cases in South Africa has forced authorities to launch an extensive battle against child abuse by among other efforts, drafting an anti-rape strategy.
    Charles Banda
  • Kenya

    Sexual abuse continues unabated

    Even with the enactment of the Children s Act in March 2002, sexual exploitation of children continues unabated with disastrous consequences, owing to a number of underlying factors.
    Esther Mwangi
  • Zambia

    Child defilers to face castration

    After 39 years without a child defilement policy and weak legislation, Zambians are now waking up to the worst form of human torture and the seriousness of the brutal crime of child defilement.
    Singy Hanyona
  • Zimbabwe

    Children suffer in silence

    There is a disturbing culture of silence that has resulted in many cases of child abuse going unreported at a time when such incidences are on the increase.
    Kholwani Nyathi
  • Kenya

    Signs of hope as Aids fete is marked

    The World Aids Day, marked since 1988 to raise both money and awareness for the pandemic, was celebrated in Kenya in style, with signs emerging that the country was on its way to win the war against the scourge.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Zimbabwe

    Churches introduce mandatory HIV testing

    In a move bound to elicit unprecedented protests, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe, a grouping of 150 Pentecostal and evangelical churches, has embarked on a historic fight against HIV/AIDS by introducing mandatory testing for all its pastors, marriage officers and would-be couples.
    Kholwani Nyathi
  • Botswana

    Routine AIDS testing introduced

    While Botswana enjoys a stable political and economic environment, the country is sitting on a time bomb as the HIV/AIDS threatens to tear apart the sparsely populated Southern African country.
    Mqondisi Dube
  • Malawi

    Child sexual assaults irk women activists

    Parents, teachers and children in residential areas of Malawi s capital city, Lilongwe are living in perpertual fear as incidences of child-defilement, sexual molestation and child-killings are reported to be on the increase.
    Charles Banda
  • Rwanda

    Sexual Harassment: A young woman s tale

    The country s genocide of 1994 left many children homeless. With all the risks involved, they found refuge in the streets. Street life has exposed many of them especially the girl child to sexual exploitation and drug abuse among other ills.
    Nasra Bishumba
  • Ghana

    Child molestation on the increase

    The media are replete with ridiculous, improbable and frightening stories about sex scandals and child molestations. But day in and day out, these stories stand out clearly to remind Ghanaians of the dangers sex maniacs are posing to the society.
    Sam Sarpong
  • Swaziland

    Abused children speak out

    The country s sexually abused children are speaking out to draw attention to a problem that has worsened with the breakdown of the traditional family.
    James Hall
  • Kenya

    Little to celebrate as country turns forty

    The country celebrated forty years of independence on December 12, but looking at the political and economic developments over the years, there was nothing much to write home about.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Action and contacts

    Championing the peace agenda in Africa

    In a continent devastated by civil wars, there is still a glimmer of hope as a number of organizations strive to bring peace to the war-ravaged countries. One such organization is Africa Peace Point [APP], an initiative of Koinonia Community, a lay Christian organization that renders services to the underprivileged in society.
    Zachary Ochieng
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