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September 2003

September 2003

September 2003

11 Articles
  • Editorial

  • Kenya

    Death of a statesman

    Kenya was plunged into mourning following the death last month of Vice President Michael Wamalwa.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Zimbabwe

    Fallen academic giants

    Zimbabwe's education system, once hailed as the pride of Africa, has fallen victim of the country's deepening political and economic crisis.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • DR Congo

    Rights body condemns use of child soldiers

    Seven years of continuous war has led to the death of over three million people since 1998 alone. A new report by Amnesty International further reveals that the conflict has also been marked by the widespread use of children as combatants.
    27 September 2003 - Clement Njoroge
  • Botswana

    Uproar over draconian Media Bill

    Media activists in Botswana have again raised the alarm over a proposed draft Communications Bill, which they say will pose a serious threat to freedom of expression and the free flow of information.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Malawi

    Churches take politics to the pulpit

    Religious leaders and politicians are on a collision course following the former s use of the pulpit to indulge in politics, ahead of the Southern African nation s general election next year.
    Charles Banda
  • Swaziland

    Farmers switch to commercial farming

    Five years of declining harvests and three years of drought-induced crop failures have spurred small holder farmers who make up a majority of Swaziland s population to do the unthinkable: change their traditional attitudes about what they grow.
    James Hall
  • Angola

    Disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration

    The issue of weapons in the possession of civilians no doubt represents the most pressing security threat in the short to medium term. It undermines the sustainability of peace process. Angola has a desperate need for suitable strategies to tackle this problem once and for all, otherwise it is too early to say: " peace in Angola is irreversible"
    Frederic Mvemba
  • Clippings

  • War and Peace

  • Action and contacts: Kenya

    ANPPCAN celebrates a decade of community development work

    The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is better known for its struggle against various forms of child abuse and neglect. But contrary to that popular belief, the Pan African organization has also been at the forefront of improving the lives of communities where children come from, through Community Organisation Training (COT) over the past decade.
    Zachary Ochieng
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