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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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    Africanews staff
  • Kenya

    UN body decries gender violence

    A survey conducted by UN agencies highlights the plight of women as prime victims of violence and abuse in Nairobi and most African capital cities.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Ghana

    Striving to flush out domestic violence

    Domestic violence and other forms of abuse against women are prevalent in the Ghanaian society despite attempts to stem the tide.
    Sam Sarpong
  • Swaziland

    Swazi women get a voice

    Gender-based discrimination of women in many African countries has been attributed to the patriarchal nature of societies and some of the traditions that these communities have jealously held to despite evolution in their lifestyles. It is therefore conceivable that readers will find it easy to relate to this story.
    Kholwani Nyathi
  • Mozambique

    Living in the shadow of violence

    Domestic violence has been on the increase partly because most of the women are poor, illiterate and do not know their rights. But now, a group of women organizations is determined to enlighten them on their rights.
    Fred Katerere
  • Kenya

    Relegated to second class citizens

    A biased constitution and outdated customs have denied women a chance in the social and economic spheres of the country, despite their significant contribution. To add insult to injury, violence visited on women continues unabated, courtesy of a lenient law.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Botswana

    Gender issues: government commended

    Gender violence has reached unprecedented levels and has been described as one of the most flagrant crimes. While the government has been commended for its efforts the media has also been accused of not treating issues of gender with the seriousness they deserve.
    Mqondisi Dube
  • Sudan

    Women and war

    [This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]
  • Clippings

  • War and Peace

  • Action and Contact

    Championing the gender agenda

    In the wake of escalating cases of gender violence, a local organisation has been at the forefront of championing women's rights through counseling, advocacy, publications, outreach and training programmes.
    Zachary Ochieng
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