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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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  • Madagascar

    Scramble for Madagascar: "They will come!"

    A lot has happened within the last few weeks on this island nation, which until very recently has been plagued with blockades, strikes, and isolated violence following the disputed December 16, 2001 presidential election. Now, the rallying cry is for business.
    Cathy Majtenyi
  • Madagascar

    Interview with Marc Ravalomanana of Madagascar

    Cathy Majtenyi and Franne Van der Keilen, communications associate, sub-Saharan Africa, at Catholic Relief Services (CRS), talked with Mr. Ravalomanana on July 5 about recent developments in Madagascar and his relationship with the church.
    Cathy Majtenyi
  • Africa

    Failing States in Africa

    The signs of a failing State, a government which for whatever reason is unwilling or unable to fulfil its responsibilities to a particular country’s citizenry, have in Africa become systemic. If it is accepted that the major components of every modern State are its citizens, their elected or otherwise broadly accepted government, an independent legislature and judiciary, and efficient and disciplined tools of governing – including a police force to keep internal order and an army to provide external security – then, when these components fail to work properly on their own, or in coordination with one another, we have the conditions of a failing State.
    Fr Laurent Magesa
  • Botswana

    The hidden shame of triba

    Two recent events – a move to reform certain sections of Botswana’s constitution, and the commemoration of a Kalanga chief who was forced into exile during the colonial area – have highlighted long-standing tensions between the Bangwato and Kalanga tribes of Botswana.
    Mqondisi Dube
  • Swaziland

    Community-based tourism brings visitors to “the real Africa.”

    For a different kind of holiday, why not drink emasi or eat umbhidvo with a family in their homestead, or hike up a rugged hillside to check out ancient caves in which the San documented their hunting and other activities on cave walls?
    James Hall
  • Kenya

    Self-help groups empower women

    Women in Kenya are finding that there’s strength in numbers: if they pool their resources together in self-help groups of their own creation, they can radically change their lives and the lives of their families and communities.
    Eric Maino
  • Kenya

    Where women are abused and exploited by customs.

    The HIV/AIDS pandemic has wiped out huge populations of the districts situated along lake Victoria region leaving behind a number of orphans and widows. Many households are now headed either by children or grandparents – a scenario reminiscent of Uganda’s Rakai District which was ravaged by Aids in the early nineties.
    Zachary Ochieng’
  • Tanzania

    Destroying cheap forests to buy expensive water

    If deforestation trends continue, water catchment areas will be reduced by 50 per cent in Tanzania, leading to a quadrupling of the cost of water by the year 2020, says a recent independent study.
    Zephaniah Musendo
  • Zambia

    People with disabilities call for tax rebates, exemptions

    At a recent conference organised by the Lusaka-based Disabled Initiatives Foundation (DIF), participants called for a number of tax incentives to help the disabled and those who cater for them.
    Gershom Ndhlovu
  • Zimbabwe

    Women take on alluvial gold panning

    Panning for gold is no longer a male preserve in Zimbabwe. Women have now taken up the activity, with amazing results.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
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  • War and Peace

  • Action and contacts

    Book review

    Title: The Liberal Model and Africa: Elites Against Democracy
    , 256-pages.
    Author: Professor Kenneth Good
    Publishers: Palgrave Press, May 2002.
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