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  • Swaziland

    Returning rural folk to their roots as environmental custodians

    Responding to the trend of Swazis to ignore environmental conservation in favour of exploitation, several Swazi government departments are taking steps to encourage Swazis to become the environmental stewards they once were.
    James Hall
  • Botswana

    Basarwa absolved of depleting natural resources

    The government of Botswana has accused the Basarwa - or San, as they are commonly called - of depleting the natural resources of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. However, independent researchers - and even a Botswana government department - have shown that the Basarwa are actually excellent environmentalists.
    Mqondisi Dube
  • Malawi

    Environment and economics mix in Malawi

    An age-old battle rages between the environment and the economy, with the environment often losing out to economic development. But projects in Lake Malawi National Park and Mlambe Natural Resource Management show that environmental preservation can also be economically profitable.
    Brian Ligomeka
  • Zambia

    Youth pick up the recycling gauntlet

    A group of unemployed youth has started a business in Lusaka where the youth pick through the city's garbage, sort it out, and sell what they can.
    Gershom Ndhlovu and Benedict Tembo
  • Kenya

    Booming business for "boda boda" bikes

    In the absence of vehicles and good road networks in the rural areas of Western Kenya, young entrepreneurs have started up the environmentally-friendly "boda boda" bicycle business that ferries clients from main roads to villages off the beaten track.
    Eric Maino
  • Zimbabwe

    Women fall victim to ZANU-PF militia

    Ostensibly to prepare young men for the working world, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF)'s militia has instead become an organisation that rapes women and terrorises supporters of opposition parties.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Kenya

    New media law is oppressive and retrogressive

    In early May, Kenyan legislators hurriedly passed through Parliament a bill that is bound to have far-reaching effects on the freedom of press in the country. President Daniel arap Moi has since signed into law the Media Bill requiring publishers to sign bonds of Sh1 million (US$12,990) to run newspapers and magazines in Kenya.
    Clement Njoroge and Zachary Onyango
  • Ghana

    Ghanaians feat on 30,000 metric tones of rice

    Ghanaians are quickly replacing their fufu and other traditional foodstuffs with rice, making rice production a prime economic activity in Ghana.
    Amos Safo
  • Kenya

    Cut flower industry accused of human right abuse

    A coalition of non-governmental organisations led by the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has announced plans to conduct national and international campaigns that would highlight what it says are exploitive labour conditions of workers in Kenya's cut flower industry.
    Cathy Majtenyi
  • Kenya

    Young woman fights the knife

    Female genital mutilation (FGM) is still rampant amongst ethnic groups in parts of Kenya. But thanks to the bravery of young women such as Alice Cherop, and the recently passed Children's Act, FGM may become a thing of the past.
    Eric Maino
  • Ethiopia

    Hand of God: Lightning prompts Italy to return stolen artefact

    Late last month, Italy announced that it would return a priceless monument stolen from Ethiopia in 1937. This is after repeated calls by Addis Ababa that it does so. If indeed Italy is serious this time, it will not only bring to an end a saga that has been running for the past 65 years, but also return one of Ethiopia's most revered symbols.
    Matthias Muindi
  • Clippings

  • War and Peace

  • Action and contact

    Restoring lake victoria's lost glory

    Zachary Ochieng
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