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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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  • Zimbabwe

    Poor families lose out in education

    Battling a skyrocketed inflation rate, the fall-out from restrictive economic reforms, and the effects of a drought, Zimbabwean parents are finding it more and more difficult to send their children to school, as prices for uniforms and other materials fall outside of their grasp.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Kenya

    Education for all: a pipe dream

    Kenya joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Education For All (EFA) week towards the end of April with nothing much to show for it. For hard-core poverty and the concept of cost sharing introduced in schools by the government has rendered EFA an elusive pipe dream for most Kenyan children.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Malawi

    Free primary education backfires

    An ambitious plan by the Malawi government to boost its education levels by offering free primary education has backfired, largely because of the horrendously poor conditions of the country’s primary schools and teaching staff.
    Brian Ligomeka
  • Sudan

    Ducking Antonovs an everyday reality in south Sudan classroom

    In south Sudan, students constantly keep one ear on the teacher and the other on the distant whine of the Antonov, a Russian-made aircraft that the Sudan government uses to bomb villages and other places in the south. This article, reprinted from Catholic News Service, looks at the situation in Narus, where an American delegation toured at the beginning of May
    Cathy Majtenyi
  • Botswana

    Education system accused of discriminating against San

    The general ill treatment of the Basarwa - or San - ethnic group by the wider Botswana society extends into the classroom, where Basarwa children are being harassed and discouraged by their non-Basarwa teachers and classmates.
    Mqondisi Dube
  • Zanzibar/Tanzania

    Education for All: Bright prospects for Zanzibar

    Zanzibaris have for several years in the past regarded themselves as the disadvantaged party in the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar - the United Republic of Tanzania. Zanzibar has recorded significant achievements in the 12-year-old Education for All Programme, says a United Nation’s report.
    Zephaniah Musendo
  • Swaziland

    Free education is no longer free

    While most people in the tiny kingdom of Swaziland agree that education should be made free of charge, the correspondingly tiny tax base simply does not support such an ambition.
    James Hall
  • Zambia

    Government strives to increase access to education

    Since taking office at the beginning of this year, Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa announced several measures aimed at getting into the country’s classrooms more children who otherwise would have dropped out of school due to pregnancy, early marriage, inability to pay school fees, or other reasons.
    Benedict Tembo and Gershom Ndhlovu
  • Uganda

    Uganda and Sudan join hands to fight LRA

    Relations between Uganda and Sudan are now thawing, in part because the two have decided to collaborate to eradicate the dreaded Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). But despite these moves, the Acholi of northern Uganda continue to suffer from the war, which has wrecked havoc on the Acholi since 1986.
    Linda Frommer
  • Lesotho

    Tobacco war lights up

    Young people in this tiny landlocked country have particularly fallen prey to the lure of cigarettes. There are many calls to make the tobacco industry more accountable.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Sudan

    Nineteen years of the SPLA

    The Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA) came into existence 19 years ago. The occasion of this anniversary affords one to reflect on how far the movement has come and the challenges that still remain in the "New Sudan."
    Brian Adeba
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