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  • Kenya

    Languages: living on borrowed time

    Out of Kenya’s 42 indigenous languages, 16 of them have either become extinct or are seriously endangered, says a recent UNESCO report. This is the highest number in eastern Africa where four countries – Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, and Ethiopia – are experiencing what the report termed “high language mortality.” AFRICANEWS brings the story of one person whose community is extinct.
    Matthias Muindi
  • Botswana

    San: Bleak future after government freezes community support

    Last year, the Botswana government fearing accusations of discrimination ahead of the UN conference on racism held in Durban, South Africa, pledged support for the country’s smallest ethnic group, the San. But Gaborone is now stalling claming it can’t afford the exercise and the a bleak future stares the San.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Swaziland

    Swazis seek government and culture link

    Donor nations are putting tremendous pressure on Swazis to renounce their king and adopt a Western model of democracy. However, if the industrialized world’s proclaimed respect for indigenous cultural beliefs is sincere, Swazis should be allowed to decide or adapt for themselves, picking and choosing what cultural traits they wish to retain or discard in their own good time.
    James Hall
  • Zimbabwe

    Elephants cause havoc to endangered community

    Since January this year 11 people from a minority ethnic group have been trampled to death by elephants and as drought persists, the number is likely to increase as the elephants turn to homesteads for food.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Kenya

    Constitution commission could miss deadline

    The Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC) has now admitted it would miss its October 4 deadline to present a new constitution to Kenyans. Now, everyone is wondering when this will happen and, more importantly, if and how this will affect Kenya’s eagerly awaited election.
    Cathy Majtenyi
  • Sudan

    Old habits die hard

    If the recent political goings-on in Khartoum are any guide, then the country’s ruling Islamic generals have resumed their commitment to the international Islamic movement by offering to set up camps to train Sudanese Islamic fighters and other international brigades to fight a Jihad (holy war) in the Middle East. There is fear this could have a dramatic aftermath.
    Matthias Muindi
  • The Great Lakes

    NGOs’ quest for lasting peace

    As the East African presidents were recently holding a symposium in Kampala aimed at forging unity in the Great Lakes region, a network of grassroots non-governmental organisations (NGOs) appealed to the regional governments to recognise the role played by civil society in the quest for lasting peace.
    3 April 2002 - Clement Njoroge
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

    Now is the time for peace in DRC

    Ever since 1999, following a cease-fire agreement for the Democratic Republic of Congo, there seems to be no permanent settlement to the war. The recent demands made by Rwandan President Paul Kagame to disarm the Interahamwe militia offer no solution.
    Benedict Tembo
  • Tanzania

    Government set to improve primary education

    In a pragmatic move to ensure education for all, Tanzania has embarked on yet another educational programme following disappointing results from the previous one. Known as the National Primary Education Development Program (NPEDP), it seeks to expand primary school enrolment, among other objectives. Will it succeed this time?
    Zephaniah Musendo
  • War and Peace

  • Action and Contacts


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