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May 2003

May 2003

9 Articles
  • Editorial

    Africanews staff
  • Kenya

    Long road to press freedom

    Kenya joined the rest of the world in celebrating the World Press freedom Day on May 3. Although some positive changes have occurred in relation to press freedom, a number of oppressive laws need to be repealed to guarantee freedom of expression.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Ghana

    Road accidents on the increase

    Following the recent death of two Members of Parliament through motor accidents, which have also not spared presidential convoys, Ghanaians are now thinking about how dangerous their roads have become.
    Sam Sarpong
  • Swaziland

    Religion scores over democracy

    The mixture of Christian religious fundamentalism and traditional African authority is becoming controversial in the run up to a new national constitution.
    James Hall
  • Africa

    Malaria deaths on the increase

    A report by WHO and UNICEF attributes the high Malaria death rates in Africa to inadequate medical care, failure to use insecticide treated nets and increased resistance to drugs.
    Zachary Ochieng
  • Zimbabwe

    Women fall victim to ZANU-PF militia

    Ostensibly to prepare young men for the working world, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF)'s militia has instead become an organisation that rapes women and terrorises supporters of opposition parties.
    Rodrick Mukumbira
  • Clippings

  • War and peace

  • Action and Contacts

    Comedy group takes the country by storm

    In a country where theatre companies have been closing shop in quick succession, comedy masters Heartstrings Ensemble have carved out a niche for themselves and are providing Kenyans with the laughter they so desperately need.
    Zachary Ochieng
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