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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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  • Kenya

    Kids endangered

    Despite being a signatory to various international conventions on child rights, Kenya has yet to stamp out rampant violation of these rights.
    Wambui Njeri Muigai, 12 years
  • Malawi

    Women declare war on child labour

    Women activists in Malawi are continuing to wage the war against child labour in a bid to give the girl child her right to education.
    Charles Banda
  • Africa

    Faith leaders call for children’s protection

    Although there is a decreased inter-state conflicts in the East, Central and Horn of Africa, the simmering states of war within countries pose the greatest challenge on children as problems they face in such scenarios tend to take a back seat.
    Henry Neondo
  • Swaziland

    Soaring population of Aids orphans

    The HIV/AIDS pandemic has given rise to thousands of orphans and consequently more child-headed households. However, the government has embarked on a programme to ensure that such orphans get an education.
    James Hall
  • Botswana

    It is total war on child abusers

    The government is taking stern action against those violating the rights of children, mostly Aids orphans.
    Mqondisi Dube
  • Kenya

    Girl child education remains elusive

    A combination of poverty, disease and backward cultural practices continue to deny the girl child her right to education. However, the government and the civil society are at the forefront of making her realise her dreams.
    Esther Mwangi
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  • War and Peace

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