We Belong To each Other


Mission Statement

Koinonia Community

We are a lay Christian Community inspired by the life of the first Christians as reported in the Acts of the Apostles. We live as one family, sharing dreams, success and failures with openness, and while building bonds of brotherhood.

We are committed to the growth of the Community, and each of the members, and to the service of the society. We strive to counteract the economic and social evils bred by poverty and individualism. In our service we give preference to the "little ones", that is, the marginalized and the oppressed.

We are however open to others as well, because we see the diversity existing inside our community and in the world as an expression of richness. Consequently, we involve ourselves with people from different backgrounds, finding, in each expression of diversity, the unity of our common human vocation.

We root our lives in Christ, but also in the Spiritual experience and values transmitted to us by our Ancestors. We dream of a time when Christian values and African traditions will emerge in a new culture and give life to a new way of being Christian and African.

An essential part of our commitment is unity building, or community building. Our projects and activities - be they in the field of sport, or leisure, or employment, or human development or the media - are always meant to bring people together to foster the emergence of a more fraternal lifestyle.

We see ourselves and the entire human person as called to work with God for the establishment of His Kingdom.

We belong to each other * * * We care, we share

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