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  • Mthunzi Centre

    Mthunzi Centre

    This is by far the most important project of Koinonia in Zambia. It supports over a hundred children, more than 60 resident and 50 home based, to continue their education and their personal growth.
  • Mthunzi Training Centre

    This facility provides an opportunity for children from both Mthunzi Centre and the surrounding neighborhood to learn a trade and sit for an examination that will earn them a relevant certificate or diploma.
    It offers formal training – with examinations - training in carpentry and tailoring, and informal training in auto mechanics and agriculture
  • Koinonia Community Dispensary

    Koinonia Community Dispensary

    Proper health care is out of reach for most people in Zambia. When Mthunzi Centre started operations, the Koinonia Community incurred very high medical bills for the treatment of the children housed at the Centre. This inspired the Community to build proper health facilities and put them at the disposal of the people living around Mthunzi.
    Today, the dispensary has a health officer and a professional nurse, while a medical doctor visits regularly. More than fifty people seek treatment at the dispensary each day.
  • Farming


    Mthunzi Centre is situated on 100 acres of land, most of which is arable. Currently, 20 acres are put under cultivation during the rainy season. There is also a poultry house in which an average of 100 layers and 500 broilers are kept.
    The farm is still developing and is increasingly meeting the basic food needs of the children under the Centre’s care.

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