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Friday 16 March 2012

Achievements in Mthunzi

Ten Mthunzi boys sat for their grade 12 exams last year and successfully passed their exams.

Lusaka, Zambia. A group of newcomers at Mthunzi In November 2011, ten Mthunzi boys as they proudly call themselves sat for their grade 12 exams. They were Bernard, Danny, David, Jack, Kenny, Lazaro, Mandiana, Mike, Simon and Stanley.

Now the results are out: seven boys obtained a General certificate of education (G.C.E) and the other three managed to get a School Certificate of Education, meaning that they have passed all seven subjects and they have access to the University and at any college in Zambia. It is the first time for a “Mthunzi Boy” to reach such academic level, and they are three! Bernard Lungu, Mike Mwenda and David Mubita deserve our congratulations.

The children of Mthunzi are inspired by the achievement of their elder brothers. Their example will encourage them to stay focused on their studies and do even better when their time will come.

School discipline is not easy for a child who grew up in the streets. Studies requires hard work, focus and determination. There are lots of factors that may cause a student not to perform well at his or her academic work. In Zambian schools students easily fall pray to beer drinking, peer pressure, fighting and absconding from lessons. Teachers have too many pupils, and do not care much for the individual student, it is up to him or her to perform well.

“Every day when I was going to school I was reminding myself that I had been in the streets, and that God in His love had guided me to Mthunzi, and that I had to do my duties well in order to thank Him says Mike. "It takes hard work and determination, one has to be really focused to achieve what he or she wants in life. It also involves surrounding yourself with the right people at the right time; people who will build you up, rather than destroy you",adds Bernard.

"I could have not done it without God blessings because it is not easy. Of course you need determination, but you must be equally ready to follow the opportunities that God sends you”,states David.

With reference to the support Mike got at Mthunzi centre, he recalls, “I could have not done this without the support of our donors who have come to visit us and shown us love and concern for our future. Nor without the constant encouragement and support I have received in Mthunzi from the educators. They have thought me good morals and discipline. I will work harder to the future, to thank God for the positive change in my life and to give back to Mthunzi what I have received. And thanks to Father Kizito, for many years he has guided me with a loving and strong hand, he has shown me what it means to be a father”.

By Eric Sande

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