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  • NEPAD: Between hope and despair

    27 May 2005 - Alexactus T. Kaure,
  • South Africa

    The case of corporate reparations

    20 May 2005 - Tristen Taylor
  • Africa

    World press freedom day

    6 May 2005 - Patrick Burnett
  • The height of greed by Kenyan MPs

    26 April 2005 - Zachary Ochieng
  • Why worry about corruption?

    The popular paradigm promoted by the Bretton Woods institutions and bilateral donors, is that developing countries can as well forget about economic growth if they fail to contain official corruption.
    13 April 2005 - Fred Oluoch
  • Zimbabwe

    Future prospects grim

    Now that Mugabe has cheated his way back to another five years in power, Zimbabweans can expect even more suffering than they have hitherto experienced. With no possibility of foreign investment and continued draining away of skills and local investment, unemployment – already at 70% - is likely to reach unprecedented levels.
    11 April 2005 - Wilf Mbanga
  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe: Elections, despondency and civil society's responsibility

    Zanu PF swept to victory in the March 31 Zimbabwe elections,
    consolidating the power of long-term president Robert Mugabe with a
    two-thirds majority that will enable him to change the constitution.
    8 April 2005 - Patrick Bond And David Moore
  • Genocide and the history of violent expansionism

    The 20th century had been termed the "century of genocides". In 2004
    the first of a series of these turned a hundred years. It reminded us
    of a history of mass violence directed against specifically defined
    population groups, which had to a certain extent its origins and roots
    in the violent expansion of European colonialism.
    18 March 2005 - Dr. Henning Melber
  • On Yao Graham's commentary in the Guardian

    This is just a brief and painfully unanimated introduction to an opinion piece by Yao Graham in the Guardian.
    17 March 2005 - J. M. and Yao Graham
  • Let's join hands to save Planet Earth

    Read Prof Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner and Kenya's Assistant Minister for Environment and Natural Resources edited version of a speech she gave at the UN Convention on Climate Change Last week in Japan to mark the coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol.
    8 March 2005
  • Will NEPAD and APRM work?

    Will NEPAD and APRM work?

    Three years after its inception, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development [NEPAD] remains shrouded in secrecy. It is about time this secrecy was unravelled, lest NEPAD and its component – the African Peer Review Mechanism [APRM] – join other projects in gathering dust from the shelves
    23 February 2005 - NewsfromAfrica
  • Kenya

    Kibaki should act decisively on corruption

    The National Rainbow Coalition [NARC] - which won the December 2002 transition elections on a reform agenda, including zero tolerance of corruption - is now a major disillusionment to the electorate. Various reports released by the many anti-corruption watch-dogs in the country point to blatant corruption by key ministries. But like the fence sitter that he is, president Mwai Kibaki sees no evil and hears none. If yesterday’s mini shuffle was intended to send warning signals to the ‘gluttons who have vomited on our shoes’ as British High Commisssioner Sir Edward refers to them, then it failed miserably.
    15 February 2005
  • Angola

    Diamonds in Angola are forever, for those on the right side of the fence

    The Catoca Mining Company in Lunda Sul provinve, turns out more than three million carats of rough diamond a year, accounting for 65 percent of the country’s production.The two main shareholders in Catoca Mining, with 32.8 percent apiece of its stocks, are the Angolan ENDIAMA state diamond firm and the Russian company Alrosa.
    25 January 2005 - AFP
  • The implementation of Education For All [EFA] goals

    The implementation of Education For All [EFA] goals

    This issue focuses on the factors that impede the implementation of Education For All [EFA] goals. Five years after the Dakar Forum, 35 countries, 22 of them in sub-Saharan Africa, are very far from achieving the four Education for All [EFA] goals, namely universal primary education, adult literacy, gender parity and education quality. This is according to UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report: The quality Imperative [2005].
    17 January 2005
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