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  • Kenya

    At least 14 killed in clashes over water

    At least 14 people were killed and another
    2,000 displaced from their homes in the Mai Mahiu area of Nakuru district
    in western Kenya following violent clashes between two ethnic communities
    over water, government sources said on Monday.
    25 January 2005 - IRIN, 24 January
  • Africa at a glance

    19 January 2005 - NewsfromAfrica
  • Drought affecting pastoralist livelihoods in Afar

    ADDIS ABABA, 18 January. Increasing livestock deaths are threatening the livelihood of nomadic pastoralists in Ethiopia's drought-hit Afar region, the UN and aid agencies said on Tuesday.
    19 January 2005 - IRIN
  • Health Leaders Vow to Meet Polio Eradication Goal

    Following a year in which Africa grappled with an escalating polio epidemic, ministers of health of the key affected countries have concluded that the spread of polio was slowing in most countries.
    19 January 2005 - CISA
  • Former anti-apartheid cleric, Dr Allan Boesak’s pardon, hailed and faulted

    Dr Allan Boesak was an anti-apartheid cleric. His pardon could not go un-noticed in South Africa. Yet, the virulence of some reactions to his pardon may come back to haunt President Mbeki. The Inkatha Party leaders say, "You reprieved your friend; so, you must also pardon those of our members locked in the power contest with the ANC". This attitude is poles apart from the compassionate voice of Cape Town"s Archbishop who says, "The pardon for Dr Allan Boesak is good news that will enable him to make a fresh start". "Well done," to those who issued the pardon and to the compassionate Archbishop. B.T.
    19 January 2005 - Peter Fabricius

    Laptops-in-schools debate turns messy

    2 January 2008
  • World Trade Conference in Nairobi Kenya

    Kenya is hosting the ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization, the highest decision-making body within the WTO. Delegates had hoped this round of the Doha trade negotiations, the first to be held in Africa, would yield a breakthrough
    18 December 2015 - David Wamuha
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