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There is a need to revisit community radio funding approach

2 March 2005 - by Simbani

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters for Africa region (AMARC Africa)’s Lettie Longwe says the question financing ICT for development is not only a central issue but the question of access , infrastructure, connectivity ,language ,education and human capacity should also be given much emphasis. Speaking on behalf of the Civil Society Intervention on Financing Community Radio Fund for Africa in Geneva, Switzerland Longwe said the only room for improvement in existing funding mechanisms is that a new international fund for Community Media should have immediate and strategic impact in the contribution of communications to the achievement of the Millennium Development goals. She says their experience, approaches in investment in community media is often not flexible to the actual needs and demands of community media. However she observed that there has been success in small project-based investment but new approaches are needed to address the challenges that are scaling-up. She further said that the degree of competition among donors which is not always helpful and perceived to have been perpetuated by lack of experience in community media field need to be addressed with better coordination. She proposed that establishment Community Radio Fund in Africa should complement the Digital Solidarity Fund with the high level of flexibility and minimum of bureaucracy.

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