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NEPAD and African Virtual University agrees to boost education through ICTs

2 March 2005 - By Simbani
Source: By Simbani Africa

African Virtual University together with New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD e- Africa Commission) has just singed a historic memorandum of agreement in South Africa’s capital Pretoria that would positively change the culture of education in rural and urban schools of Africa region.

According to NEPAD e- Africa Commission Executive Deputy Chairperson Henry Chasia, the relationship between two institutions will promote ICTs in Education particularly in primary and secondary schools of Africa. Chasia says the project is expected to improve teachers education for those who will be using modern technology. Meanwhile African Virtual University’s Rector Kuzvinesta Peter Dzimbo says, the support of NEPAD e- Africa commission shall help their institution to enhance teachers skills across their curricular and as modern technology will be used as the core basis of content .

Dzimbo says this will eventually add value to pupils learning capabilities in Africa. The two institutions have agreed that the pilot project shall start with hundred and twenty rural schools in Africa with the backup funding from the corporate sector and later with governments taxes at the roll out stage.

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