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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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This issue focuses on HIV/AIDS and carries both positive and negative stories on the dreaded pandemic. But first, we take this opportunity to welcome on board new correspondents from Kenya and Nigeria.

The journey begins in Kenya where our new correspondent Christian Benoni chronicles the plight of women in the face of HIV/AIDS. But all is not lost, as a Community Based Organisation, realizing the vulnerability of women, has now come up with educational campaigns to help them cope.

NewsFromAfrica Associate Editor Zachary Ochieng was recently in South Africa and visited one of the areas most affected by the pandemic. But as he reports, the residents have joined together to fight stigma and care for the sick and dying.

Back to Kenya, David Njagi, another new correspondent reports on the plight of Aids orphans. According to various reports, HIV/AIDS has become a vicious cycle, with orphans being forced into prostitution once they lose their parents.

Uganda is being considered a success story in the war against Aids in Africa, thanks to joint efforts between the government and civil society organizations. Our Uganda correspondent Grace Candiru has the details.

From Malawi, Charles Banda reports that health workers are blaming the high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates on traditional cultural practices and are urging the communities to change their ways if the war against Aids is to be won.

In our Action and Contacts section, Toye Olori, a new Nigeria correspondent captures the tribulations of widows and how a human rights body is empowering them economicxally.

We wish all our readers, writers and supporters a merry Christmas and a happy 2005.

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