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Dear Friends,
We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the first ever, African Youth Parliament in March 2003 (AYP2003). This will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from the 19th to the 29th of March 2003. The African Youth Parliament (AYP) is a growing network of young African peace builders, activists and leaders.

The AYP is an initiative of African Action Partners of the International Youth Parliament (IYP), Oxfam =AD Community Aid Abroad ( in partnership with the African Youth Foundation. The IYP is an international network of young leaders and activists, advocating for the rights of young people and their communities. 45 African countries are represented in the network of the IYP. More details on the AYP are available at

With a strong focus on gender parity, the agenda of the AYP targets five significant areas: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Youth in Conflict
Youth fighting HIV/AIDS
Leadership and Governance in Africa and,
Socio-Economic Development

AYP is dedicated to building on the existing skills of African youth through training and skills sharing to enable them to better pursue their local objectives and contribute effectively to continental and Global campaigns. This is achieved through the design of individual action plans to be implemented at grassroots level and coordinated regional action through collective action plans "I look favourably at the African Youth Parliament...This process will definitely inform African governments of priorities for their planning and development strategies...' Dr. Adhu Awiti, Minister for Planning and National Development, Kenya. We are seeking your interest and/or the interest of your institution to partner in this historic and exciting initiative through applying or nominating delegates to attend AYP. We also request that you circulate this message to as many young people as you can.

Applications are open to all young Africans between 15 - 28 years of age, who are involved in social activism geared towards building a peaceful, sustainable and equitable Africa. Attached to this mail is a copy of the Application Form. You can down load this, complete it and send it to:

African Youth Parliament
P. O. Box 67365
Nairobi 00200, Kenya
Tel: +254 722 753741
Telefax: +254 2 729050

The Application Form can also be obtained and completed from our website:

NOTE: We will consider favourably applicants who pass on this message and attract the most number of applicants in their area.
Alfred Ombudo K'Ombudo
AYP Coordinator

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