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Fred Katerere

In 1990 some Mozambican churches and some Norweigian missionaries initiated the setting up of a centre to rehabilitate street kids from the streets of Maputo. Until then the churches were only providing shelter and food for them.

Now they have set up income generating projects that will not only bring in the much needed finance to the centre but also prepare the rehabilitated kids professionally. The projects include carpentry, metal work, Agriculture and tailoring.

The products from the activities are then sold in the city. The centre called Centro de Recuperacao Juvenil- The Juvenile Rehabilitation Cetre- was officially opened by the President Joaquim Chissano in 1995.

The centre has since been transformed into a primary school and has an enrollment of 270 students who include the former street kid being rehabilitated at the centre.

At the school there are different teams of volunteers who locate the street children and befriends them, through this way they bring the street kids to the centre. This team has also in the same way helped reunite some street kids with their families.

The there are the house parents who provide scriptural and material support to the street children brought into the centre.

Edgar H. A Antonio is the directo0r of the centre which is based in the Zimpeto suburb of Maputo.

The contact details of the centre are ,
Estrada Nacional No 1, -10,3 KM
Bairro Zimpeto
Box 778. Maputo

Tel 258-1-470385


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