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The gates award for global health

In December 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced the establishment of the Gates Award for Global Health in the amount of US$1million. Any organisation from any country that is a charitable institution, a private company or a public entity that has contributed to the improvement of the health and lives of the needy can apply for this award.

Small grants fund - Middle east and North Africa
Civil Society, Education, And Media Professionalism

The IREX Small Grants Fund supports civil society organisations, education professionals, media, and journalists in the Middle East and North Africa. Grants will be awarded to individuals and institutions to promote the engagement of civil society in public life, the professionalism and independence of the media, and the professional development of education, media, and civil society professionals.


First Annual SANGONeT "ICTs and Civil Society" Conference

SANGONeT is organising its first annual "ICTs and Civil Society" conference that is to take place from 2-4 March 2005 in Johannesburg. For more information, or to highlight specific ICT issues and topics to be covered by the conference, please contact Refilwe Rakhibane

Training courses on ageing in africa
21-25 February 2005, Nairobi, Kenya

If you are a mid-level or senior programme manager, social worker, senior government officer or planner, a health care professional, or have an interest in ageing issues, then this course is for you. Further details:

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