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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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This issue focuses on peace to coincide with the International Day of peace to be marked on 20 September. But first, our Associate Editor Zachary Ochieng has won a “honourable mention” in the International Award for Excellence in Journalism category, in a competition organized by the Geneva-based International Catholic Union of the Press [UCIP].

The annual international awards honour outstanding media professionals, publications and institutions worldwide. Zachary was honoured for his two articles, one on the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS and the other on the perennial famine situation in Kenya. Both articles were published in “NewsFromAfrica” last year.

Zachary will personally receive the award certificate at the World Convention and Congress on “Media challenges Amidst Cultural and Religious Pluralism”, which takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 9 to 17 October. We take this opportunity to congratulate him for his hard work and wish him a happy stay in Bangkok. For more information on the awards and the congress, please visit

Our journey begins in the war-torn Horn of Africa country of Somalia, which now has a Transitional Federal Parliament after 13 years of anarchy. “NewsFromAfrica” Associate Editor Ochieng has been following the Somali peace process in Nairobi and brings you a chronology of events that led to the inauguration of the parliament, signalling a final peace settlement.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarchy – Swaziland, has enjoyed peace since the 20th century, despite civil wars in some parts of the continent. James Hall looks at the secret behind the tranquility.

Likewise, Malawi has enjoyed four decades of peace despite being ruled by a dictator at one time. As Charles Banda reports, opinions vary on why the nation has continued to enjoy peace while its neighbours have been at war.

As Zimbabwe’s strongman Robert Mugabe finally prepares to call it a day, peace in that country remains a pipe dream as rivals within the ruling ZANU-PF are engaged in vicious bickering as they position themselves to take over the mantle. Rodrick Mukumbira has that story.

In our Action and Contacts section, we join Africa peace Point [APP} – an umbrella organization of peace initiatives in Kenya – for a peace march to be flagged off by First lady Lucy Kibaki.

The current issue of our partner publication, WAJIBU, is also out. The issue, which focuses on education in Kenya, discusses topical issues of concern. Find it on the web.


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