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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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Sudan leader and V.P. split on peace plan

President Omar el-Bashir pledged to end violence in Sudan's western Darfur region in comments aired Saturday, but his vice president said it was not practical to disarm within 30 days the Arab militias responsible for the killings of some 30,000 people.

El-Bashir blamed "plotters" and "enemies" for the violence in Darfur in remarks apparently aimed at defending his government's claims that rebel groups were behind the conflict.

Arab militias, known as janjaweed, have carried out a campaign of killings in what Congress has called a genocide. The United States, European Union and humanitarian groups accuse el-Bashir's government of backing the militiamen in an attempt to put down black African rebel groups.

The government denies backing the janjaweed. Besides those killed, some 2.2 million people are in urgent need of food and other aid.

On July 30, the U.N. Security Council gave Sudan 30 days to disarm the militias and quell ethnic violence in Darfur region or face economic or diplomatic penalties.

"We are doing our best to meet that deadline but definitely, due to logistical problems and limitations we have at the moment, I don't think the time frame is practical," Vice President Ali Osman Mohammed Taha told the British Broadcasting Corp. (Source: AP)

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