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June 16, 2004 - July 16, 2004

June 16: Government blacklists Anglo leasing and Finance Company, a firm at the centre of a passports and CID equipment tender scandals.

June 24: Finance minister David Mwiraria gets death threats over his cancellation of Anglo leasing tenders.

June 28: President Kibaki appeals to MPs to support a constitutional review Bill prepared by the parliamentary consensus group.

June 30: President Kibaki forms a government of national unity by appointing Mps from the opposition to his cabinet.

June 30: Prof Yash Pal Ghai resigns as the chairman of the Constitution of Kenya review Commission.

July 3: Riots rock Nairobi and Kisumu over the government’s failure to enact a new constitution.

July 4: Donors write to president Kibaki complaining of the government’s slow pace in fighting corruption.

July 6: Parliamentary Public accounts committee blames Finance Minister David Mwiraria for the passports scandal.

July 7: One person is killed by police as demonstrators calling for a new constitution battle with the police.

July 13: British High Commissioner Sir Edward Clay accuses president Kibaki’s government of massive corruption.

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