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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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This issue does not have a particular theme but carries stories on topical issues from around the continent.

Our journey begins in Kenya where President Mwai Kibaki recently reshuffled his cabinet, bringing on board MPs from the opposition. Although he calls it a government of national unity, political pundits view this as political bribery as perpetuated by his predecessor Daniel arap Moi. As “NewsFromAfrica” Associate Editor Zachary Ochieng reports, the president’s move is likely to widen the rift in the already fragile ruling coalition.

Joseph Kony’s 18 –year rebellion in northern Uganda has caused untold suffering to humanity. However, it is the women and young girls who have borne the heaviest brunt, having been raped and forced to marry the rebel commanders. The psychological trauma suffered by the victims leaves lasting wounds that take time to heal. “New People” sub-editor Joy Okech has the story.

From Zimbabwe, Rodrick Mukumbira reports that enterprising young commercial sex workers are now selling their bodies in exchange for groceries following a severe food shortage in the country.

Swaziland, Sub-Saharan last absolute monarchy, has cultural practices that are unparalleled. One such practice is the growing of marijuana in homesteads. As James Hall reports, this practice has hampered efforts to fight drug trafficking across the boarders.

The people of Botswana who trade in natural resources are up in arms following a new regulation that seeks to control their trade, writes Mqondisi Dube.

In our Action and Contacts section, Rodrick Mukumbira reviews Martin Meredith’s book, “Our guns our votes: Robert Mugabe and the tragedy of Zimbabwe”.

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