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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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This issue does not focus on a particular theme but carries stories on topical issues around the continent. As the new government settles down to work in Kenya, the country s youth have come up with a vision of the Kenya they want to see in the year 2027. Africanews Associate Editor Zachary Ochieng takes an in-depth analysis of the vision.
Hot on the heels of President Robert Mugabe s controversial land redistribution policy, a new class of land grabbers comprising mainly the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) elite and their cronies has emerged in Zimbabwe. Besides taking land from the white farmers, they are also targeting black peasants. As Rodrick Mukumbira reports, the action has exacerbated an already volatile situation.

The Horn of Africa region has been ravaged by civil wars over the years. The media in this region has been operating under very hostile conditions. The International Media Support (IMS) - a Danish based organization that supports the media in war torn countries- has released a report highlighting the plight of journalists working in the region and suggests the way forward. Africanews Associate Editor Zachary Ochieng analyses the report.

From Ghana, our correspondent Sam Sarpong reports that the country s silence over the war in Iraq is causing concern to the citizens, who are not sure which position the country has taken.

How does it feel to be on death row for almost twenty years? Well, two former death row inmates at Kenya s infamous Kamiti Maximum Security Prison have the answer, having waited for the hangman s noose for between 16 to 20 years, only to be freed through a presidential clemency. But as Zachary Ochieng reports, their freedom has come with a price, as they have to rebuild their shattered lives.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has taken a heavy toll on Malawi s military. Consequently, as Charles Banda reports, the country s military strength continues to dwindle.

Fears abound that Ghana could be sliding back to a one party state following the failure of the opposition to capture a number of seats in successive by-elections. Santuah Niagia provides an insight.

From Zambia, Singy Hanyona reports that a new land policy, which seeks to vest land in the hands of the republican president has not gone down well with the citizenry.

And in Mozambique, environmentalists and scientists are up in arms following the government s decision to build another dam on the Zambezi River. Fred katerere has the details.

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