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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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The international Women s Day was celebrated on the 8th of this month. To commemorate the day, NewsFromAfrica March issue focuses on how African women are struggling to make a mark vis-à-vis the continued violation of their rights.

The Rwanda genocide of 1994 left the country in a shambles. Undeterred by the deaths of their male counterparts in the unprecedented slaughter, Rwandan women, most of them widows, have picked up the gauntlets and are at the forefront of reconstructing the ruined economy. Nasra Bishumba has the story.

Malawians go to the polls on 18th May. Admittedly, politics in Africa has been dominated by men over the years, more so the presidency. However, a fearless human rights activist Dr Vera Chirwa has decided that time is ripe for a woman president in Africa. But as Charles Banda reports, her decision to run as an independent candidate is likely to jeopardize her chances, given lack of political clout.

Female Genital Mutilation [FGM], considered a serious violation of women s rights is rampant in Somalia, despite spirited campaigns to rout it. It does not help matters that Islamic religious zealots continue to frustrate the efforts of anti-FGM activists, writes Henry Neondo.

Women s rights continue to be violated in a number of ways. As Esther Mwangi reports, rape is the most rampant of the abuses and is not confined to one African country.

From Zimbabwe, Rodrick Mukumbira reports that a controversial chief, Naboth Makoni has devised an unorthodox means of curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It involves a monthly virginity test for girls wishing to tie the knot and a compulsory HIV test for their suitors. It is a practice most girls dread.

Women in Botswana are gearing up for elections scheduled for October. As Mqondisi Dube reports, they are taking stock of what has been achieved since the 1995 Beijing conference.

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