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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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This issue, while not focusing on a specific theme, carries stories on a variety of relevant topics.

Our journey begins in Rwanda, where Nasra Bishumba reports that a committee appointed by the Senate to investigate the recent killings of genocide survivors found out that the genocide ideology still lingers in some parts of the country.

Mozambique, still reeling from the aftermath of a 15-year civil war, has been further devastated by the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has locked half of the country's children out of school, thereby violating their basic rights. Our new correspondent Frank Jomo has that story.

From Swaziland, James Hall reports that church officials, prompted by the huge loss of their congregations to HIV/AIDS, have now joined in the efforts to stem the tide of the pandemic.

A serious debate is raging in Ghana. Only a few months before Ghanaians go to the polls, opinions are sharply divided on whether the state should fund political parties. As Sam Sarpong reports, a recent visit by the country's Electoral Commission officials revealed that some opposition parties did not have a place to call an office. The more reason why such parties are asking for a level playing field.

There is no end in sight for Zimbabwe's woes even as the country ushered into a new year with the rest of the world. Our correspondent Rodrick Mukumbira predicts a grimmer 2004, given the country's deteriorating political and economic situation.

With the end of war in Mozambique and Angola, the Botswana government has declared total war on the proliferation of small arms to enhance public safety, writes Mqondisi Dube.

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