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Letter from a comrade

Dear Colleagues,

Following a forum break, the second in a series of four discussions on stigma and HIV/AIDS will commence very shortly.

This discussion will focus on aspects of self stigma or internal stigma and HIV/AIDS and will run through World AIDS Day.

This issue will be discussed in a structured way as before. Key Resource People will provide invited contributions to launch, frame and inform the discussion. In addition, background papers will be made available.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion we are already accepting contributions - please send your message now to:

Following each discussion, a document capturing the highlights of the discussion will be published in hard copy and on the web and all contributors to the discussion will be duly acknowledged and cited.

Please take this opportunity to forward this message to colleagues and friends who would be interested in joining the discussions before they start again.

If you have any other questions or would like to be more involved please let us know. We look forward to working together to make this a stimulating and meaningful discussion.

HDN Moderation Team E-mail:

If you are already member, do nothing. If you would like to join the forum:

Send an email NOW to: or visit the website at:

'The truth About AIDS. Pass it on...' campaign against AIDS-related stigma and discrimination is spearheaded by the IFRC. To learn more about this campaign and the various project components please look at the partners' websites:


Please forward this message your networks and colleagues - get into the campaign spirit and PASS IT ON

November 2003


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To leave send a blank email to
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STIGMA-AIDS is a time-limited global forum on HIV/AIDS-related stigma, managed and moderated by Health & Development Networks Moderation Team (HDN, with the support of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) with technical support from Health Systems Trust (HST).

The views expressed in this forum do not necessarily reflect those of HDN, the IFRC or HST.
Reproduction welcomed provided source is cited as follows:
Stigma-AIDS eForum 2003:

Discussion archives and project description available at:

For Your Information


Breaking news about press freedom in Somalia will now be more accessible to the international
community, thanks to efforts by the Somali Journalists Network (SJN). The organisation has launched what it calls Somalia's first website that reports on press-freedom violations in the country. The site contains backgrounders on Somali media and on press laws, as well as reports on SJN's training activities. SJN was formed in 2002 with a mandate to defend and promote Somali journalists.

To visit the new website, click on:


1) Focal Point, Information Analysis

IRIN is working to move beyond news reporting to include more in-depth analysis of important humanitarian issues. This is being done through the increased production of thematic/global stories, special reports, features and web specials. The Nairobi-based Focal Point for Information Analysis provides IRIN's regional desks in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia with the guidance, advice and materials needed to boost their output of analytical and feature-type reporting, and also contributes directly by researching and writing his/her own articles. This is the second call for CVs, please do not resubmit a CV if you have already done so.


Kabul Afghanistan IRIN Radio is looking for a radio news editor and trainer to assist in local capacity building through training and production of joint broadcast packages with local radio stations throughout Afghanistan.

The deadline for applying is 1 December 2003.
Both job descriptions were posted to the ReliefWeb vacancies page on 12 November 2003 ( Copies can also be obtained by sending a request to Joanne Clark - .


Pat Banks
IRIN Coordinator
Bridging the Information Gap

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