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Last update: 1 July 2022 h. 10:44
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The eight -month old coalition government of Kenya is teetering on the brink of collapse following endless infighting among key partners. As AFRICANEWS Associate Editor Zachary Ochieng writes, the main parties in the coalition have differed over the creation of the post of an executive Prime Minister in the new constitution and the rift is bound to widen as delegates head for round two of the National Constitutional Conference.

Our Swaziland correspondent James Hall reports on increased corporate responsibility as companies begin to address the welfare of their workers and that of society at large.

As the HIV pandemic continues to decimate the productive workforce, Debswana - the largest Diamond mining company and the biggest employer in Botswana - is tackling the challenge by initiating workplace programmes that are geared towards ameliorating the lives of employees and their spouses. Rodrick Mukumbira has the details.

From Malawi, Charles Banda reports that work place HIV/AIDS programmes are bearing fruit as employers have adopted a policy of no discrimination, regardless of an employee's sero-status. Besides, the companies are offering free antiretrovirals to employees and their dependants to help them lead normal lives.

In our Action and Contacts section, Zachary Ochieng reviews a Kenyan movie - "Naliaka is going" - scripted by Brutus Sirucha and directed by veteran film maker Albert Wandago. The film, which premiered at the Zanzibar Film Festival last month has been well received and is set for overseas screening.

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