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Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism

For journalism that uses technology in innovative ways...
Deadline: June 9 2005
11 April 2005 - Simbani Africa

Administered by J-Lab and funded by the Knight Foundation, these global awards are intended to reward journalism that uses new information ideas and technologies in innovative ways to involve people very actively in critical public issues by showing as well as telling, by providing access to news and information that stirs their imagination and invites participation. There is a USD $10,000 Grand Prize and $5,000 in Special Distinction Awards.

Honoured are novel approaches to journalism that spur non-traditional interactions and have an impact on a community. Entries might consist of such things as online news experiences, news games, novel uses of video conferencing, cell phones, Web cams, computer kiosks and other innovations in interactive or participatory journalism. Entries may also demonstrate simple efforts that notably use new ways to connect a community.

There is a USD $25 entry fee.

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